Kaiyodo’s Shimanto Museum Village
Kaiyodo’s Shimanto Museum Village
Kaiyodo’s Shimanto Museum Village

Admissions Guide

Hours of Operation


  • Last admission: 30 min. before closing time
  • November 1st~ end of February: closes at 17:00

Winter Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation between Nov.1st and End of Feb.: 10:00~17:00

Last admission :16:30


  • Tuesdays (When Tuesday is a holiday, we will be closed the following Wednesday.)
  • Year-end and New Year's holidays:Dec. 28th~Jan. 1st.
  • Summer Holidays:No closures between the fourth Tuesday in July and the end of August

Admission Fee

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto

Adults (above high school age): 800yen
Elementary/Jr. high school students: 400yen
Pre-schoolers: free

Kaiyodo Kappa Museum

Adults (Over high school): 500yen
Elementary/Jr. high school students: 300yen
Pre-schoolers: free

Basic admission fee for Hobby Museum and Kappa Museum

Adults (above high school age): 1,200yen
Elementary/Jr. high school students: 600yen
  • Cannot be used with group discount.
  • Physical Disability Certificat e holder and one attendant: 50% discount
  • Senior Citizens' Notebook holder: 10% discount
  • Group discount (over 20 people): 10% discount


Parking Lot Available
10 min. from JR Utsuigawa Station by car

By Car

  1. Kochi→Shimanto-chuo IC→Around Utsuigawa (About 1 hour 10 min)
  2. Matsuyama IC→Mima IC→Around Utsuigawa (About 1 hour 20 min.)

By Car from Shimanto City Area
The Ogata-Taisho Prefectural Route direct from the Shimanto City area is not recommended due to very narrow areas.

Recommended course

Route 56→Route 381→Ogata-Taisho Prefectural Route

By train

  1. JR Kochi Station → JR Kubokawa Station (About 1 hour) → JR Utsuigawa Station (About 20 minutes).
  2. JR Matsuyama Station →JR Uwajima Station (About 1hour 15 minutes) → JR Utsuigawa Station (About 1hour 50 minutes)
  • The Hobby Museum is located about 5 km from Utsuigawa Station.

For individuals arriving at JR Utsuigawa Station

On Sundays and holidays throughout the year, buses coincide with arrival and departure of JR trains.
On weekdays, shuttle service is available. Please contact the Hobby Museum.
Shuttle service between the Hobby Museum and the Kappa Museum is also available.

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto
1458-1, Utsuigawa, Shimanto Town, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture 786-0322
Tel. (0880)29-3355 Fax.(0880)29-3356
Kaiyodo Kappa Museum
685-1, Utsuigawa, Shimanto Town, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture 786-0322
Tel. (0880)29-3678

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto is a place where the history and products of Kaiyodo, a global figure maker, are exhibited. The Hobby Museum is located in the renovated Utsui Elementary School, which closed in 2008. The Hobby Museum was built in Shimanto to help bring new prosperity and activity to this depopulated area.



  1. Tracing Kaiyodo
    Permanent exhibition chronicling the history of figure maker Kaiyodo.
  2. Catalonian Ships 1F & 2F
    These galleries feature different types of ships. There are also permanent exhibitions featuring candy-toys and capsule figures.
  3. The Modelers of Kaiyodo
    The Kaiyodo Modelers and their products
  4. Special Exhibitions
    Visit special interactive exhibitions as well as scheduled exhibitions.
  5. Manga and Video Corner
    Have fun with Manga from Kochi, as well as Kaiyodo-related videos.
  6. Scheduled Exhibitions Room
    Three times a year, you can see various scheduled exhibitions with different themes.
  7. Diorama-making Classroom
    Have fun in the make-your-own miniature garden classroom! (Apply at the front desk.)
  8. Museum Shop
    New Kaiyodo products, Tosa-ben (Tosa dialect) characters and other goods from Kochi are for sale. Kaiyodo's clattering corner is in the museum shop.

Diorama classroom

Make mini-figurines at the Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto. The diorama classroom is open!
You decide what you want to make. Create your own unique miniature garden!
For those who wish to join a class, plese call the front desk.
Please note that weekends and holidays may be crowded.

Open hours: Reservations available.
Fee: 1000yen
Time required: About 1 hour
Minimum age: 3 and older.
(Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
  • Adults are also welcome.
  • For individuals, reservations are not required.
  • For groups, reservations should be made in advance.

Diorama classroom

Diorama classroom

A character who uses Tosa Dialect

Kaiyodo Hobby Museum’s official character “Umanosukeppi”
Umanosukeppi is Kaiyodo Hobby Museum’s official character. He’s usually a playful good little boy. But when he’s in a bad mood, he becomes a naughty child who loves mischief. He always participates in the events and can be found hanging around Shimanto town.

Kaiyodo Kappa Museum
Another Kaiyodo-owned Museum, the unique Kappa Museum filled with Kappa!


  1. Entrance
  2. Museum Shop
  3. Special Exhibitions
  4. Kappa’s Hole
  5. 1st Floor Exhibitions
  6. Exhibitions on the Slope
  7. 2nd Floor Exhibitions
  8. Exhibitions in No. 2 Museum
  9. Multipurpose Hall
  10. Outdoor Event Open Area

Kappa Modeling Grand Prize

A natural park project, including a Hobby Museum, was launched at Utsuigawa in the town of Shimanto in Kochi Prefecture in the deep mountains of the Shimanto River middle basin. It's the hometown of the Kaiyodo Hobby Museum's curator's father. The Kappa Figure Works Contest was held as a part of this project. The stream along the path in the deep mountains of the Shimanto River has exactly the atmosphere where Kappa are likely to live.
A Kappa is a mythical creature living in the Japanese islands and a figure of Japanese folklore. This contest was held based on a desire to physically commemorate the Kappa in the Shimanto River for future generations. The entries are permanently preserved and exhibited in the Kappa Museum.

Kappa Modeling Grand Prize
Kappa Modeling Grand Prize

Umanosuke Shrine

Umanosuke Shrine enshrines a seven-years old stable-lad in the deep mountains of Shimanto.
"The Umanosuke Shrine enshrines the spirit of a child named Umanosuke who was abandoned in a valley, who was born in an extremely poor family with many siblings, Umanosuke was a stable-lad who repeatedly damaged fields and committed thefts out of hunger. His parents, at a complete loss, decided to abandon him in a valley. At that time, Umanosuke was only seven years old. After that, unfortunate events supposedly caused by Umanosuke's haunting began occurring in the Utsui River, so local people built a small shrine in order to appease his soul and pray for his peaceful rest. Before long, a yashiro (shrine) and tsuyado (lakewake chapel) were built. Also, a shrine called Umanosuke Daimyojin was built and people have started to call it Umanosuke Shrine. Nowadays, many people visit from all around to pray their childrens' health, recovery from illness, and childbirth. It was the museum curator's father who built the first small shrine. The curator, who visited the Umanosuke Shrine for the first time in decades, made the Hobby Museum and Kappa Museum in a small area of Utsuigawa, as if he was led by Umanosuke.
However, the shrine has become old. We await your warm support so that we can connect Umanosuke Shrine, which is the beginning place to future generations."
Umanosuke Shrine
Umanosuke Shrine
Umanosuke Shrine

Curator Miyawaki’s Profile


Osamu Miyawaki

He was born in Ogata in 1928 (present Kuroshio)
At the age of 15, he joined the Manchurian Railroad Company. When he was in China, Japan was defeated WWII. Following returned home from overseas when he was 18 years old, he changed his occupation over 30 times, including tuna long-liner crew, bonito fly-fishing and advertising agency work. He finally decided to find a regular job when his only son entered elementary school, but then he could not find work anywhere and gave up. In 1964, he started a plastic model shop Kaiyodo in only five square meters of space in Moriguchi City, Osaka. With innovative ideas and energy, Kaiyodo helped cause the model sailboat and garage kit boom in Japan and became a modeling company. Choco Egg by Furuta Seika Co., Ltd. with complementary Japanese Animal Collection
figures designed and produced by Kaiyodo was an explosive hit in 1999. Kaiyodo’s existence and its modelers became known to the public.